Christie to Sell Andy Warhol’s Artwork as NFT

Another major development for the growing non-fungible token market, one of Britain’s oldest auction houses, Christie, will sell Andy Warhol’s artworks as NFT. Meanwhile, the reports suggest that the money is likely to go to the Warhol Foundation for fine arts.

Warhol’s artworks were originally made in the 80s using ProPaint software after being gifted a personal in the mid-eighties and were found on floppy disks. The artist was gifted a personal computer by the Commodore International in 1985.

These works include two self-portraits and have been tagged The “Amiga” collection. Realized funds from these sales would go to the non-profit organization for fine arts founded by the artist back in the late-eighties.

According to the report, bidding will start for each  piece at $10,000 and crypto assets like Tether and Ether would also be accepted as a viable mode of payment. While commenting on the development, the licensing head of the upcoming auction and senior member of the Warhol foundation, Michael Dayton Hermann, said,

Warhol’s experimental digital works of art are yet another striking example of how the prophetic 20th-century genius continues to provide a blueprint for the 21st century.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Christie is dealing with a Warhol’s artwork. Previously, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, purchased three self-portraits of Warhol and a famous artwork by Picasso.

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