Christine Brown to Take on Additional Role at Robinhood

Christine Brown, the VP of Robinhood’s product operations, will be taking on a new charge of the company’s COO, the exchange said in a statement on Thursday. From now on, she will be overseeing the company’s operations and compliance.

When it comes to product management and handling operations, Miss Brown has extensive expertise, including leading Robinhood’s strategy for Clearing. In response, the company’s co-founder said,

Robinhood Crypto customers are reshaping the investing landscape, and Christine is going to do great things leading this team at a time of tremendous growth across the industry.

The change in strategy of one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges comes amidst a surge in the number of crypto-curious individuals. Only recently, Gemini, another prominent exchange, published a comprehensive report suggesting that the growing interest in crypto was at its peak. Interestingly, the report highlighted that most new entrants were women and belonged to an older age group.

Yet, it remains to be seen where the change in strategy and Brown’s leadership could help Robinhood establish itself in the growing crypto market as other firms, including Paypal, have started accepting crypto assets. 

Following the GameStop saga, the company made significant changes and reported that its crypto team had grown this year, with recruits in securities, compliance, and engineering. 

A few days ago, the securities division in Massachusetts revoked its license and made it unavailable to thousands of users. Despite the growing criticism, the exchange managed to perform quite well and recruited a dozen more crypto assets. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and stunning design, it has successfully managed to attract millennials and became the most downloaded app on the Apple app store.

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