Clubhouse Announces The Launch of a New Content House to Leverage The NFT Market

Clubhouse Media Group, parent company for the Clubhouse audio app, is set to dabble into the NFT marketplace. The company announced the launch of BlockhouseCH, a content house that will provide leading artists, investors, and major crypto and NFT stakeholders with a single interactive platform. The platform will be dedicated to the creation, tokenization, and sale of Non-fungible tokens. 

The company has a global reach of 280 million followers on Social Media, which they will now leverage to propel their new content house. The platform will create tailored social media content for those interested in the wider crypto market. Clubhouse will also tokenize content created by the in-house creators and market it on platforms like

Company President Chris Young expressed the ambition to create unique content on BlockhouseCH, relating to personal finance, NFTs, and crypto-investing, that will then be delivered to a global audience through social media platforms. Young also explained how NFTs work and why the NFT marketplace has made massive gains in the past few months.

NFTs have gone from strength to strength this year with digital artists making millions of dollars selling digital collectibles. In late March, launched its own NFT platform with exclusive content from the likes of Snoop Dogg.

Meanwhile, other NFT platforms like Rarible have seen a 50 to 100 times increase in sales over the last three months. World’s biggest Professional Wrestling conglomerate WWE also launched its NFTs featuring the Undertaker.

Clubhouse Media group is the parent company of the invite-only iPhone App, Clubhouse, which was launched last year and quickly adapted by silicon valley giants. The app was valued at around $1 Billion in January. 

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