Coinbase CEO now one of the Richest People in the World

The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, is now among the richest men in the globe. According to Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index, Armstrong is now among the 500 richest people in the world with a net worth of almost $15 billion.

His company, Coinbase, paid him $60 million as compensation for his works in the previous year and this disclosure was made possible because the crypto firm has filed to go public with the Securities and Exchange Commission through direct listing on NASDAQ.

As it stands, Armstrong is now richer than other CEOs of more popular companies like Evan Spiegel of Snap and even richer than the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey — a renowned pro-Bitcoin campaigner whose other company, Square, recently purchased Bitcoin worth $170 million.

However, Armstrong’s funds are mostly held in crypto-assets, which is why his net worth could be subject to the volatility of the crypto market. But, presently, his net worth stands between $7 to $15 billion depending greatly on where the market swings. Regardless of this, the Coinbase CEO has broken the barrier and he is now one of the richest persons walking the face of the earth.

Interestingly, Coinbase is one of the top crypto companies and it is estimated to worth over $70 billion.


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