Coinbase Integrates Google Pay and Apple Pay

The Coinbase card now offers more to holders after integrating with Google Pay and Apple Pay. It can now be used to purchase goods and services using cryptocurrencies. Customers can also cash back four percent on crypto rewards. 

Coinbase said that the new development will start from this week. Select customers will be added to the wait list and can begin to earn four percent after using the service. Millions of people around the world make use of Google and Apple Pay services. 

According to the Exchange, the card is able to automatically convert cryptocurrenies to fiat. Customers can thereafter use it for shopping or at the ATM. The Coinbase card and the waiting list is available in all states in the US except Hawai. 

How to Apply for and Use the Coinbase Card

Invites are currently being rolled out by the platform to active users to join the wait list. Once you are signed up, the exchange will ship the card to the users. You can begin immediately to transact with the Coinbase card via Apple Pay.

Just like any other regular bank credit or debit card, you can add the card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay. In the cases where the physical card hasn’t been issued, you can request a virtual version that would be integrated into your accounts. 

The value of a  transaction with the card is transmitted from cryptocurrency to the card for immediate dispensing. Transaction charges that are standard with Coinbase are collected after a transaction. It is up to users to decide whether to spend their cryptocurrencies or hold it. 

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