Coinbase Integrates Apple Pay and Google Pay Into its Platform

In a development seen as a step forward in crypto support, Coinbase, the San Francisco-based exchange, has announced that it will integrate the payment options of Apple Pay and Google Pay on its platform to enable accessible purchases.

According to its August 6 blog post, users can now make crypto purchases using the debit card of Apple and Google. However, only Apple Pay is available, while Google Pay awaits integration.

In the announcement, instantaneous withdrawals to the sum of $100,000 have been enabled for Real-Time Payments (RTP), allowing immediate and secure withdrawal up to $100,000 for U.S-based customers with linked bank accounts, against the usual withdrawals that take days to complete.

The company has been very consistent in its effort to simplify accessibility to crypto purchases. Recall that in June, Coinbase announced its card is integrated with Google and Apple Pay. It is also making an effort to launch its own Dapp from outside developers.

This support for Google and Apple signifies a further boost in its presence in countries, as contained in the announcement that Apple pay is present in 40 countries with over 140 million users.

Coinbase business has very strong growth. Its public listings were a landmark moment for the company. It recently purchased a tech firm, Zabo, that helps integrate cryptocurrency solutions into the traditional financial system. Coinbase is also planning to expand to several countries. This effort is toward earning itself the first position among crypto exchanges.

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