Coinbase Launches Asset Hub for Easy Token Listing 

Coinbase Launches Asset Hub for Easy Token Listing 

  • Coinbase announces Asset Hub, its new coin listing system.
  • Cryptocurrency project founders will benefit from renewed ease of listing on Coinbase. 
  • New announcement not likely to lead to listing fee charges.

Coinbase exchange has announced a new listing system for project owners who intend to list their crypto. With the new listing system, Crypto project founders will be able to access and track the progress of submitted listing applications. Coinbase describes the recent development as an “open invitation.” It aims to make the listing process much easier for all parties involved in the asset issuing process. Over 35 million verified users make use of the trading platform. 

Coinbase notable for stringent listing process

Coinbase currently lists over 45 cryptocurrencies. However, it is mainly renowned for its strict listing process and rarely collects listing fees. The US-based exchange complies with its country’s regulatory policies. The exchange has also partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, indicating its stance on being transparent. Coinbase’s pro-regulatory policy stance also indicates that only regulatory compliant cryptos who pass the listing procedures would be added.

According to Surojit Chatterjee, Coinbase’s CPO, assets submitted via the Asset Hub remain subject to the exchange’s standard.

Coinbase to suspend XRP following SEC lawsuit

Coinbase has made an announcement indicating that it will suspend XRP from January 19, 2021. The announcement is likely as a result of the charges currently being faced by Ripple. According to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, XRP remains an unregistered security. Two top executives, Christian Larsen and Bradley Garlinghouse, have also been singled out in the suit. Both have been accused of running an unregistered securities offering.

However, the United Kingdom treasury recently released a report regarding XRP as an exchange token and not a security. 

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