Coinbase Users Lament About Exchange Poor Customer Service

Coinbase users in the United States are not pleased with the way the crypto exchange handles its customer services. This was revealed via a study carried out by CNBC which revealed that the users have issues with how the exchange handles its complaints.

According to the study, most customers of the exchange stated that they were unable to reach representatives of the firm through mails —which is currently the way the exchange handles most of its complaints. Not only that, it was revealed that former customer service workers of Coinbase stated that the team was struggling to meet up with the avalanche demand for support by its customers.

While the majority of this issue remains unsolved, Coinbase users have mostly had to deal with seeing their crypto assets vanish without trace. The CNBC report cited the example of Tanja Vidovic, who lost around $168,000 worth of digital assets four months ago and is still unable to reach a Customer representative of the exchange to discuss the theft. She stated that she had chosen the exchange because “it seemed like it was one that everybody used and trusted.” 

The report highlighted that there are thousands of coinbase users who are facing similar issues plus the fact that these same customers have also had to battle with a customer service that was not-responsive.

Since 2016, the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, have received as many as 11,000 complaints about Coinbase and its lack of an active customer service system. Even users who eventually get through to the exchange still usually find their issues unresolved most times according to the report.

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