Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo NFT Card Sold for $290K

Sorare, through a tweet, confirms the news that Portuguese soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT Breaks has been sold for $289,920. Cristiano Ronaldo Unique 2020-20211 has occupied the most valuable football trading card through the record sell. It’s also the most precious sports NFT in the entire world.

Sorare is a game of “Fantasy football” in which players buy, claim, or exchange cards that may be “rare,” “super rare,” or “unique.” Every single season opener, the title accords 111 cards to the players. But it is worth noting that this title rests on the Ethereum blockchain to guarantee the cards’ authenticity. In this way, every card is secured by an NFT (Non-fungible token). 

The card was bought by camembert, who already has lots of other cards, including Neymar’s Common and Zidane’s Unique. He stated that:

I would personally never buy a Picasso but I was very happy to invest 300,000 USD in my idol. Teenagers spend more than 7 hours a day on a screen, so it seems natural that younger generations want to collect things online. Cristiano Ronaldo has 5 Ballon d’Or, is the first footballer billionaire, won 5 Champions League and owns the largest instagram account in the world with 270 million followers. He is also an example of discipline and will be a football legend forever. This purchase was not motivated by speculation, I do not plan to sell anytime soon. For me, Cristiano is priceless.

In recent time, more crypto enthusiasts are beginning to adopt NFT as the future of the collectibles world. We have seen the entrance of superstars like, Sophia the robot, Grimes, Beeple, NFL superstar, Rob Gronkowski and a whole lot of others. The industry has also seen massive record sales of close to $70 million.

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