Crypto Adoption: Turkish Conglomerate goes Bullish On Crypto

Crypto Adoption: Turkish Conglomerate goes Bullish On Crypto

● Isiklar launches the second round for its token sale.

● Users can purchase the coin using bitcoin or credit cards.

● Isiklar holding says it will reward customers with the coin when they make transactions.

● The company’s customers will be given discounts based on their ISIKC holdings.

Crypto Now Gaining More Adoption

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now gaining more credence as traditional firms are now starting to adopt them. Tesla, which lately bought about $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin, seems not to be the only firm interested in investing big in cryptocurrency.

Another Turkish conglomerate, Isiklar Holding, recently launched its secondary token sale, which will be sold at about half its current market price. The company launched its ISIKC token last year through a blockchain loyalty program. 

The token is available for purchase at $0.40 on the company’s platform. The total coin supply is 10 million, and the sales will be on for ten days. Furthermore, after the sale is over, the coin will be locked up for a month and afterward be distributed to the token holders.

Coin Adoption: Isiklar to Partner with Other Platforms.

Isiklar coin is an ERC20 compatible token used on the ISIKC protocol. Partners and customers who transact with the company will be rewarded with the coin every time they make purchases. Also, the customers will be given a discount on goods purchased depending on their ISIKC holding.

Users can buy the Isiklar Coin website using bitcoin, or Mastercard, or Visa credit cards. The company said it is planning to partner with other platforms to add new features and provide more use cases for the protocol.

Although the firm offers the coin at a reduced price, the coin has appreciated by 400% since the initial launch. The company has also announced that it will be donating part of the funds it makes at the ongoing sales to support the Turgut Isik Education and Health Foundation.

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