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Crypto ATMs Grow Past 24k Globally

Available data has shown that the number of crypto ATMs around the world is now over 24,000, with the United States topping the list.

The data, compiled by Coinatmradar, disclosed that the total number of ATMs globally now stands at 24,022. In the United States alone, there are over 21,000 of these ATMs while Canada and the United Kingdom follow with 1,698 and 174.

Crypto ATM Industry is Booming

The Coinatmradar report also showed that the crypto ATM industry is also growing apace. According to the data, there are currently 42 manufacturers of cryptocurrency ATMs.

Genesis Coin leads the pack with the production of almost 10,000 ATMs while General Bytes has 5,720. Other leading ATM manufacturers include Bitaccess with 2,766, and Coinsource with 1,684 machines.

Another crypto ATM operator, Bitcoin Depot, partnered with a leading retail outlet, Circle K, to democratize access to these machines. The partnership would see over 700 Bitcoin ATMs deployed in the stores of the outlet across the United States and Canada.

In another development, one ATM manufacturer is teaming up with known names to promote its machines. Coin Cloud has employed the services of renowned movie director, Spike Lee, to produce a short movie titled “The Currency of Currency.” The movie would be shot by the ace director and he is expected to also feature in it.

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