Crypto Twitter Positively Impacts The World

The use of social media has undoubtedly swept through the whole world, with people glued to screens across multiple platforms. Crypto Twitter is a popular twitter space for those interested in learning and using cryptocurrencies which offer insights and information from different people across the globe.

Influencers and their followers in the crypto space have impacted the life of a young boy who was diagnosed with leukemia. The boy J.O, who managed to beat cancer, received assistance in offsetting his medical bills thanks to the generous cryptocurrency donations, which amounted to approximately $800,000.

J.Os’ case came to light when an emotional video of him surfaced online showing him going back to school after being away due to the disease. A Twitter user, @Milkman2228, reached out to them and, after discovering the family was having challenges with the hospital bills, created an ethereum wallet for them and shared it online.

It was then picked up by Crypto Cobain, an influencer in Crypto twitter who holds a large following of over 347,000. He also shared it with his followers. The drive quickly gained momentum, and donations started flowing in, with total donations being $517,000 in ether and $292,000 in tokens.

This charitable act has shown that cryptocurrencies can be used for charitable works. They offer an easy way of transacting from anywhere around the world, and donations can be made anonymously for those wishing to do so for their privacy.

Organizations such as Save the Children have already adopted channels for receiving donations in the form of cryptocurrency.

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