Digital Sneakers are Coming Through CryptoKickers

CryptoKickers may be drawing more attention from NFT enthusiasts soon, as the platform will be entering the non-fungible market with its NFT Sneakers built on the Solana blockchain.

The CryptoKickers NFT will allow users to design and mint their own digital shoes, select among several styles for laces, soles, and accessories, with self customization of colours and patterns. The prices of the NFT per pair range from between $50 and $150. And it is being determined by the level of customization with each addition to the minting of the NFT contributes to its cost.

The platform launched in mid-June has been able to mint about 364 pairs of NFT sneakers, totalling around 590 SOL tokens which translates to $19,930. According to a previous report, digital wearables and collectibles have generated over $2.47 billion in the first half of 2021.

Thomas Dimson, Co-founder of the project, says that the goal of his platform would be to make digital wearables. In his words “we would love for everything to be wearable. That’s our vision, that’s our goal. If you think of Fortnite, it shows there’s a clear market for digital wearables,”

Interestingly, Dimson had earlier worked on similar projects designing a collection of NFT sneakers on Ethereum, with Co-founder Joey Flynn, before moving over to the Solana blockchain for its low transaction fee plus speed.

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