Cryptopia’s Former Employee Pleads Guilty To Stealing $250K Worth Of Crypto Tokens

A former employee of New Zealand’s now-banned Cryptopia has pleaded guilty to stealing digital currencies worth $245,000. Per local media reports, the court afforded a name suppression to the worker who admitted to two counts, including theft.

Reportedly, during his time at Cryptopia, the culprit copied the keys from the exchange into his USB and later, copied those to his computer. At the height of its fame, the trading platform, which is now in liquidation, fell victim to a hack in 2019.

With as many as 80 employees, the company provided services to more than 1.4 million investors. Following more than $17 million worth of crypto assets were stolen, nearly all investors’ accounts worth $100 million were frozen. Later, the liquidation procedures were revealed to cover the former investors.

Previously in September, he had told Grant Thornson that he deposited BTC in an old wallet and requested a refund. Besides, he also stated that he paid back the stolen amount, with assurance to pay the rest over time.

Plus, the man also said that he planned to return the stolen assets if he was promised not to be tried in court. He revealed that he did so, the very next day.

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