CryptoPunk NFT Worth $850,000, Sold for Less Than $20,000

In what is one of the latest unusual sales in the NFT world, a CryptoPunk whose worth should have been over $800,000 was sold for less than 95% of its floor price. According to available information, it was sold for  4.444 ETH($19,400) due to a possible slight error on the part of the seller.

The said CryptoPunk is #7557 which is one of the few NFTs collection with a Tiara. Per information from the creator of CryptoPunk, Larva Labs, the cheapest among this collection is priced at 350 ETH which is roughly $1.5 million. Notably, a recently sold NFT with same feature was sold at around $843,000.

While the current sale came far below the floor price, reports suggest that this could be a big mistake from the listing, as history shows that the last listing was 8,888 ETH ($31 million); however, the owner listed this CryptoPunk for 4.444 ETH. This may mean that the owner made a huge mistake while adjusting the listing to 4,444 ETH.

Interestingly, the buyer capitalized on this huge 95% price slash mistake by paying a miner a tip of 3.33 ETH in order to hasten the approval of the transaction.

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