CryptoTrunks Record Massive Sales Despite Market Crash

Despite the crash in the crypto market, the last few weeks have been good for CryptoTrunks after it rose to the limelight and touched record minting, with as much as 7,657 generative trees minted. Interestingly, these figures come as the market hit the three-month low downtrend and hit the $1 trillion in the total market cap.

Besides that, the system users have also minted a total of 647 genesis trees along with the earlier mentioned number of generative tokens. Plus, the number continues to grow as the one artist went ahead to sell more than 1,500 NFT coins.

Currently ranked among the top ten gas spenders on the Ether blockchain, many supporters predict that, like the CryptoPunks, this token could be the next NFT Unicorn in the market.

Although its high selling trend is promising, it is suggested that the minted trees could have surged to an impressive 19,000 mark if it was not for the high gas fees on the Ethereum block, which the company has said it aims to address.

Despite the high transaction costs, the users are selling their CryptoTrunks on OpenSea, a prominent NFT platform. Plus, crypto experts suggest that this trend is likely to grow amidst the market downfall and skyrocketing gas fees. Yet, their hopes are pinned with Ethereum to come with an effective solution to its high fees.

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