Daymark, Tesla’s Rival, to Launch Crypto Mining Vehicle by 2023

A Canadian-based electric automobile manufacturer, Daymark, has revealed plans to roll out a new product. The result of this innovation will be a vehicle that would be able to mine cryptocurrencies. The vehicle named “Daymark Spritus” will be able to mine cryptocurrencies while parked.

Reports from its press release have disclosed that the multifunctional automobile will have the ability to mine from “Dogecoin to Bitcoin.” Daymark Spritus will include a GPU to enable users direct energy to cryptocurrency mining. However, the reports made no mention of employing ASIC miners. 

Other impressive features include, an ability to reach 60 MPH in 6.9 seconds, an unusual outlook of three-wheels and a two-seater. The car manufacturer also chose to lay the price on perceived value at $19,995 for it’s “Deluxe” model. It will also feature a solar panel that will provide energy to run its functions.

Source: Daymark

Aldo Baiocchi, the firm’s president, spoke positively about a future that would enable car-related fees to be paid in cryptocurrency. 

Daymark Focus on Green Mining

Daymark firm has an optimistic and fast-paced approach to going green with crypto mining. The vehicle will offer renewable energy powered by solar panels. This is a move to spark the interest of users with positive environmental intent. The company will also serve users with the benefits of payments facilitated in cryptocurrencies, following Tesla who first began the trend. 

The green promotion by Daymark follows a gloomy period after Tesla decided to shed Bitcoin due to environmental issues. Elon Musk’s Tesla, an institutional pioneer for cryptocurrency, however, turned to declare it unfriendly to the environment. The move caused a huge dump of BTC in the market, leading other institutions to follow suit. 

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