Decentral Games Partners With Amnesia for Virtual Dancefloors

On the 26th of April, Decentral Games announced its partnership with Amnesia, an Ibiza club to launch two virtual dancefloors. Since the start of 2021, the blockchain virtual ecosystem has been booming as individuals keep on discovering more use-cases for non-fungible tokens. The goal of this collaboration is to take clubbing and dancing experience to another level.

The two virtual dancefloors will be launched by Amnesia have been named “Amnesia hype’ and “Amnesia Experience.” According to both parties, it is expected that this partnership will bring in a turnover of over $10 million in 2021.

The Revenue Generation Model

Decentral Games and Amnesia intend to generate revenue from the sales of tickets as well as the sales of NFTs. Also, it is expected that the collaboration and exploration of digital clubbing will drive traffic that can then be converted to ad revenue for the companies. Casinos and gaming will also be a key feature in the virtual clubbing experience.

The Goal of the Collaboration

Decentral games intend to give customers a full-blown digital experience that will match up with the fun experienced from physical clubbing or gaming in the real world. Real-time music events will be featured and live streams from celebrity DJs will be a core feature of the virtual clubbing experience.

Will Virtual Clubbing be Adopted?

Commenting on the adoption of the new virtual experience, the founder of Decentral Games expressed his conviction that the model will be adopted and appreciated by the masses. He also pointed to prevent successful virtual gaming events and concerts that have been hosted by Decentral Games, while hoping that their next event will break the record number of users.

The coronavirus pandemic has led many businesses to adopt a new style of operation and profit-making. Individuals have been forced to explore a limited contact lifestyle and virtual events have since then been on the rise. The entertainment industry has had a huge success in the metaverse or virtual space and Decentral Games and Amnesia intend to tap more from this space.

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