Deviantart and OpenSea Partnering to Combat NFT Theft

Deviantart, the world’s largest online art gallery and community, has recently partnered with OpenSea, the non-fungible token marketplace, to use its scanning solution to identify potential art infringement on NFT.

Deviantart is an online art gallery, launched over one and a half decades ago by Angelo Sotira, Mathew Stephens, Scott Jarkoff, with a few other contributors. Years after its launch, it has achieved significant success both in registered artists and hosted digital artworks on its platform.

Since its inception, the platform’s responsibilities have always centred on removing potentially infringing artwork submissions. However, the project says that this collaboration with OpenSea focuses on monitoring the realm of blockchain-based NFTs.

The Deviantart team wrote in a blog post that: 

We’ve expanded the scope of our system to identify near matches of the minted non-fungible token (NFTs) submitted across the Internet,” it added that, “We monitor public blockchain events involving standard NFT tokens types (ERC721 and ERC1155) to identify potential art infringement.

Deviantart’s team noted that nearly 90% of infringement cases were identified and successfully verified within two months of its Beta launch. However, the community is not the only one in the business of NFT and blockchain protection.

The platform implored artists who are interested in protecting their artworks to submit them to their site. It explains that The NFT scanning tool checks blockchains for NFT-related activity to find near-identical matches of any registered Deviantart artists’ content.

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