“Do not Invest!” — Kenyan Regulator Warns Citizens

Crypto third-party investments platforms that promise unrealistic levels of return on investments (ROI) can be found across the world, with many of them ensnaring innocent crypto traders and investors into their crypto thieving scams. 

A financial regulator in Kenya, the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), has warned her citizens against pitching their tent with one such investment firm, Fxbitinvest. The firm claims to be a BTC trading company and is offering investors as much as 400% ROI within six hours of their investment.

Per CMA’s statement, three individuals are behind this act and according to their “paybill numbers,” they are  Hassan Juma and Godfrey Koome who are both based in Kenya, while the third person is said to be based in North America and not yet identified.

The regulator continued that investors should avoid depositing any funds with this “investment company” and that defrauded individuals should reach out to the appropriate authorities immediately.

Any investor who has been defrauded because of investing with the company is encouraged to report to the nearest police station with their national identity card, deposit slip or Mpesa statement, any contract that was entered into and other documents to support the claim.

It was also stated that investors who might not be able to use the first option should report via the online complaints portal.

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