Dogecoin Market Cap Increases by $3 Billion After Musk Tweet

Following Wednesday’s tweet by Elon Musk regarding Dogecoin, the prices of the joke crypto coin jumped by an impressive 10 percent, adding more than $3 billion into its market cap, per a tweet by Mira Christanto.

Source: Mira Christanto/Twitter

Over the last couple of months,  Mark Cuban and Tesla’s Musk, have been outspoken supporters of the DOGE which originally started as a meme. Their views and comments about the asset has played a pivotal role in pushing the coin to where it is today.

Mark Cuban on Dogecoin

Mark Cuban, the American entrepreneur and eccentric billionaire, appeared on the famous The Ellen Show, where they talked about cryptocurrencies, especially DOGE. While referring to the meme coin, he said that although it started as a joke, Doge is now moving towards becoming a digital coin.

This development comes after BitPay, a crypto payment company, announced that Tilman Fertitta’s supercar dealer in Houston has started to accept cryptocurrency payments for luxury vehicles, including Musk’s favourite Dogecoin, which they added earlier this month.

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