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You Can Now Pay in Crypto at Dream PC Australia

The number of companies and other institutions accepting crypto as payments is on the rise globally. This year so far, crypto payments have been accepted by entities as big as Tesla to universities in places like Romania. The latest organization to accept cryptocurrencies as payments is Dream PC in Australia.

The company has announced that it would now receive payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a host of other cryptocurrencies. Among those they are accepting are Bitcoin Cash, USDC, and Litecoin. With this move, gamers can now build the computer of their dreams and check out the payment in crypto.

Dream PC went on to add that it does not make sense for a business not to accept cryptocurrencies as payments. The custom pc building company further noted that it has chosen not to focus exclusively on Bitcoin due to its fast-rising price. The rationale is simple. If someone spends Bitcoin to buy a computer or related stuff, they would feel like they bought it too high a few months down the line when the price of BTC rockets.

Nonetheless, Dream PC added that it understands the risks that comes with accepting cryptocurrencies as payments. For this reason, it stated that it would be converting all payments received in crypto to fiat in real-time. However, if it believed that crypto prices would go higher in the short term, it would hold.

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