Dynamo Kyiv to Launch NFT Tickets for 2021 Season

FC Dynamo Kyiv, one of Ukraine’s top Soccer teams, has announced that it will launch NFT tickets for its 2021 season. The NFT tickets will be offered alongside a variety of unique collectibles. The team, which is quite popular, plays in the Ukrainian Premier League and has enjoyed a long history of success.

This move comes about as a result of the partnership between FC Dynamo Kyiv and Moonwalk – a blockchain company based in the US. Interested Parties will be able to purchase the NFT tickets on the Binance NFT Marketplace in collaboration with Moonwalk, where they have been exclusively listed.

NFTs have traditionally mostly been used for music, art, and trading card collections. Their adoption into other fields such as soccer will therefore hail a new day for them as more sports teams are likely to take them up due to their potential. They can serve various purposes such as event ticketing, rewards, or loyalty programs for fans who may want to own rare collectibles as well as partnerships with other institutions.

Cryptocurrencies’ popularity continues to grow since they are dynamic, easily accessible, and convenient. Major institutions and different countries globally have acknowledged crypto as a tool for trading, such as Tesla, WeWork, Norway, and Iran. 

Dynamo Kyiv’s Vice President Mark Ginzburg was adamant that their decision was based on sound market research that would help place the team ahead of its competition as the leading football team in terms of technological advancement in Europe. 

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