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eBay Shows Interest in Supporting Crypto as Payment Option

In the latest good news for the crypto market, the eCommerce giant eBay is now planning to add digital assets as the new payment options. While talking to CNBC, the company’s CEO Jamie Lannone announced the decision.

She further revealed that the buying and selling platform facilitates the growing Non-fungible Tokens sales on its famous platforms. Two years ago, several media outlets broke the news that the commerce giant was planning to step into the crypto market. But later, the company officials denied the rumors and rejected the digital assets as a new payment option or strategy.

However, the latest announcement from the company marks a significant shift from their previous policy. It comes as some of the major firms in the US are jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon. It looks like that at this point, the crypto market has emerged as the best performers amid the market and is now too big for the company to completely ignore. Yet, it remains unclear whether these plans would ever have been launched.

eBay initially showed its interest in the crypto assets in 2013 but soon backed out. Last year, the American payment giant PayPal allowed the country’s users to trade and hold digital assets.

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