Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey to Share Insights at the B World Event   

Renowned technocrats Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey would be offering their knowledge of the largest cryptocurrency at the B World Event. The arrangement was concluded on Twitter after a cheeky discourse between Musk and the Twitter CEO. The event is slated for July and a spokesperson has confirmed the attendance of both Musk and Dorsey.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey made a tweet on the 24th announcing the educational Bitcoin event which would prepare the grounds for more institutions to get into the innovation. Musk in his usual merry nature dropped a joke in response leading Dorsey to ask him to participate which Musk obliged. 

While Jack Dorsey is a solid Bitcoin proponent, Musk’s faithfulness to the crypto asset is questioned. His cryptic comments have led Bitcoin down the rocks on several occasions. His company, Tesla made a controversial statement declining the use of Bitcoin in May that led novice investors to heavily dispose of the asset.

Reactions from the Crypto Community 

The education of Bitcoin to individuals and investors alike is a welcome development. Bitcoin has been on a pendulum for a while now as anxiety besieges the industry. 

Some crypto enthusiasts have assented to the event. One of the responses from a Twitter user suggested that members from developing countries should be allowed to contribute to the event. However, not all responses were favorable as some users called on for a Twitter ban on Elon Musk because of his controversial relationship with Bitcoin. 

Aside from the two billionaires, the B World Event would also have other high-profile dignitaries like the CEO of ARK Invest Cathie Wood and Blockstream CEO Adam Back amongst others, in attendance. 

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