Elon Musk is not a Member of the North American Bitcoin Mining Council

It recently emerged that Elon Musk was part of a meeting that brought together all Bitcoin miners from North America. The meeting was convened by Michael Saylor, the CEO of Microstrategy, and aimed to promote sustainable Bitcoin mining.

During that meeting, the miners agreed to form a Bitcoin Mining Council. Speculation was rife that Elon Musk was part of this council. This was driven by the billionaire’s attendance at the meeting.

However, it is now emerging that Elon Musk would not have any role in this entity. The Council recently launched a website, and it states explicitly that Elon Musk has no role in its operations. It adds that his role at the meeting was simply educational.

Instead, it is Michael Saylor who will hold an active role in this council. The website states that he is a facilitator and a Bitcoin supporter.

This is quite logical, considering how bullish he is on Bitcoin. Michael Saylor is the CEO of Microstrategy, a company that has plans to have a portfolio of over 100k Bitcoins.

Tesla’s Elon Musk, on his part, has been shaky in his support for Bitcoin lately. He has over the past few months, been calling out Bitcoin for its carbon footprint.

His criticism seems to have inspired change, though, as is seen in the formation of this council. Countries like El Salvador are also taking up Bitcoin mining and intend to do so using clean energy.

Yesterday, the country’s president announced that he had directed the State power company to use geothermal energy for BTC mining.

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