Eminem Partners With Nifty Gateway to Launch Own NFT

Famous American star Eminem has opened his own NFT editions on Nifty Gateway. The controversial rapper and beat producer made his desire to delve into the NFT space on the 25th of April. Eminem is one of the first celebrities to launch an NFT.

In a recent edition of the Sunday Night Live Skit, Pete Davidson explained what NFTs are. He did so in style making use of one of Eminem’s songs entitled “Without Me”. This likely caught the interest of the American celebrity who announced subsequently that he will be launching his own NFTs in no time.

Three Types of NFTs from Eminem

The American singer has put in place three different kinds of NFTs already. All three NFTs contain animations and beats produced personally by Eminem. He named the first type “Tools of the Trade” which sells for $500 per piece.

The second was named “Still DGAF” which also sells for $500 per piece. To make the NFTs more appealing to buyers, he has offered a physical print signed by him personally to be delivered to his first set of buyers.

The third NFT stands out when compared to the first two. He named it “Stan’s Revenge”. A fixed price has not been apportioned to the digital collectible. Rather, it is up for auction and the highest bidder within a limited time frame takes this unique piece of art. Only one edition of “Stan’s Revenge” is available.

The creator of the unique piece of art however has not been revealed. Speaking about “Stan’s Revenge”, Eminem mentioned that it was his goal that NFT collectors in his niche find the piece of art appealing and are prompted to place a bid for the unique art of even purchase the whole set. He expressed excitement about this newly found sub-niche that he hopes to explore.

Although Eminem is among the first rappers to launch their own NFTS, he isn’t the only one. Rappers like Snoop Dogg and Soulja Boy have already released and sold digital tokens in the last few months.

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