ESET Reveals Russia Remains Most Vulnerable To Cyberattacks

In its latest cyber threat report, ESET, a prominent online security firm, suggests that the threat of cyberattacks on Russia has also increased amidst the increasing demand for virtual currencies.

Per the  latest data provided by the firm, the more the cryptocurrencies become popular, the threats of malware attacks to profit from the new technology.

Besides that, it also highlighted that miners were the most important factor behind the rising number of attacks. The data suggests that from January this year to April, the miners accounted for nearly twenty-two percent. It added,

The countries most affected by cryptocurrency threats were Russia, where ESET telemetry saw 8.9% of such attacks, followed by Thailand and Peru, with 5.6% and 5.3% of detections, respectively.

ESET further revealed that most of the threats on its customers’ devices were received in the Russian Federation, France, Japan, Peru, and Poland. On the other hand, the new data suggests that given the growing value of the crypto markets, the latest trend is inevitable.

Amidst the growing number of ransomware and cyberattacks, the national security advisor of the newly-elected Biden administration stated that the president is expected to highlight the development at the G7 meeting.

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