Ethereum Berlin

Ethereum Berlin Upgrade Ready to be Launched by April

Ethereum Berlin upgrade Lead Developer, Tim Beiko, has given an update as to when to expect the deployment. According to him, the first testnet upgrade, Ropsten, would be rolled out on March 10. Deployment of the Ethereum Berlin mainnet is scheduled for April 14.

This upgrade is a sequel to the Muir Glacier and Istanbul upgrades that are slated for deployment on block 12244000 on Ethereum’s mainnet. Existing Ether holders are not required to take any actions. However, node operators have to update client software before the launch of the mainnet.

Ethereum Berlin and ETH Price

Generally Ethereum protocol upgrades have no effect on ETH price. Ethereum price had witnessed a 3.5% drop, selling at $1,806 as at the time of writing this.

In the last one week, ETH price has gone up by 20% as market correction kicked in. It had slumped to $1,300 earlier. Critical support level is at $1,730 while a strong resistance is anticipated at $1,850.

Ethereum Berlin Upgrade and a Slew of EIPs

The deployment of the Berlin upgrade will see a slew of  Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) added to Ethereum’s network. Here is a brief on some EIPs to be added, according to Ethereum Cat Herders:

EIP-2565 would lower the ETH gas fees of a former cryptographic algorithm-based proposal. The gas fees form some ‘opcodes’, on the other hand, would be raised by EIP-2929 to prevent network spamming. The reason for this increased gas fees, according to Cat Herders, is to mitigate the biggest DoS attack vector in Ethereum network.

EIP-2718 facilitates simpler support for several transaction types. While EIP-2930 would help to reduce the gas fees associated with EIP-2929.

However the Berlin upgrade will not have the EIP-1559. This EIP helps to change the network fee by burning some up some gas.

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