Ethereum Making Steady Progress With Beacon Chain  

After launching the v1.1.0-alpha.6 – Protostellar Evolution and other new features, Ethereum has released updates about its incoming Beacon Chain and Altair upgrade. The Beacon Chain upgrade will introduce Proof of Stake to Ethereum. This is a new way to keep the blockchain secure. 

The Protostellar Evolution will function as a means to severe configurations, constants and presets from each other. This development will help clean the configurations of the clients. Protolambda will also be employed to create a more effective network configuration. 

The passing of client consensus is based on when the changes in Altair Code stabilises. Short-lived testnets are also improved when  multi-client interop is performed. Ethereum declared that the final take on the novel will be made public in a few weeks. 

Ethereum has Completed its Rayonism Hackathon 

Ethereum is focused on the desire to improve its blockchain. The developers of the crypto asset has announced the completion of the Rayonism Hackathon project. This new win for Ethereum was made possible after its team developed several nodes and validators. 

The name Rayonism mirrors the process of early abstract acts that involved sharing and Beacon motives. The Rayonism project Ethereum utilises the research and technical information from the merging and sharing of the ETH1-ETH2. The system creates a testnet around the ETHGlobal Scaling Hackathon. 

In essence, the Ethereum client teams are now inclined towards two forks in its blockchain. These forks are London and Altair. Ethereum researchers are focused on Merge to refine and test the specifications of the upgrade process.

The client teams will merge once the mid-year upgrades are finalised. The intentions and types of proposed upgrades for the ETH blockchain was also announced in the filing of the Q1 financial reports as well for users to access. 


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