Ex Apple Executive Joins Ledger as Vice President for NFTs

As non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to burgeon, Ledger, a leading crypto wallet provider, has appointed Ex Apple Executive Parker Todd Brooks, as Vice President of NFTs, where he would be expected to bridge NFTs artistic community with Ledger.  Based on today’s announcement, Brooks will be in charge of the NFT department at Ledger as they seek to expand their display, security, support and management of NFTs.

Brooks was at Apple Music as the Head of Dance and Electronic Artist Relations for seven years (2014 to 2021) and was instrumental in the launch of Apple Music and Beats 1 radio station in 2014 when Apple acquired Beats Music. He was the Director of Artists Integrations at Beats Music. Before then, he oversaw the merger of Spotify and Beats Music when he was at Topsin Media.

Brooks at Ledger

In his new role at Ledger, Brook would be tasked with creating products related to NFT management. He is to see to it that NFTs have preference on Ledger platforms.

Brook said he has spent his career working with the artists’ community. He said NFTs offers a chance to rethink how music and arts can be created, displayed and managed. It also addresses how to safely store NFTs on internet enabled devices.  The Ex Apple chief said his job would be to make the process simpler so that artists can better manage, display and safely store their digital works.

Similar job positions are sprouting across the crypto space – roles that fuse the sprawling NFT sector with music business. Charles Damga recently joined Foundation, a NFT platform from Warp Records. Joe Conyers III is now with Crypto.com from Downtown Music Holdings.

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