Ex BitMEX CEO Could Surrender to U.S. Authorities Next Month

A federal prosecutor stated that the BitMEX founder, Arthur Hayes, might soon turn himself in to the U.S. authorities. Prosecutors charged Hayes with three other partners from BitMEX for breaching the Bank Secrecy Act. They were accused of not properly implementing anti-money laundering measures.

BitMEX has processed over $3 trillion transactions and was accused by the feds to have “flouted” the law by operating in the “shadows”. Hayes was indicted in October and has remained in Asia while prosecutors have tried to arrest him and the others.

However, a U.S. prosecutor, Jessica Greenwood stated in a transcript addressed to a judge that she had contacted Hayes’ lawyers. She said that there are talks concerning Hayes’ surrender to the U. S. authorities.

The transcript further revealed the current location of Hayes is Singapore. The prosecutor stated that Hayes will soon show up in the United States.

BitMEX CEO may Have to Travel Down to the U.S. for Trials

Greenwood stated that the bail offer they’d be presenting to the judge would permit Hayes to live abroad at the start of the litigation processes. He would be granted the privilege to attend the proceedings virtually. However, he would have to travel down to the U.S. when the trial begins.

Greenwood also mentioned that she had also communicated with Ben Delo, the co-founder and Gregory Dwyer who were charged alongside Hayes. Delo is willing to surrender on his own. However, Greenwood mentioned that he needs help to fly out of Bermuda considering the current travel ban in the U.K.

Dwyer, on the other hand, is not planning a willful surrender, but the federal prosecutors are working on his extradition papers. Greenwood revealed that his lawyers are not against the proceedings as well.

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