Explosive Growth at Coinbase Triggers the Hiring of More Staff up to 500X

Popular cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase has recruited 500 percent more staff following explosive growth in 2021. The exchange received increased demand so much that they had to hire 3,000 more staff to cater to the surging client needs. 

The milestone was announced by the firm’s Vice President Casper Sorensen who mentioned the company’s initial issues with serving its increasing users. According to Sorensen, the crypto company has employed 5X more staff since January. Further stating the expansion of their reach to social media where their customers are easily met. 

The effect of the recent additions to customer service in Coinbase is quite evident. Sorensen said in the statement pointed out that their customer contact rate has declined by 70 percent despite an increase in service demand. This implies that the additional staff was deployed to vital areas that needed concentration. 

Beyond more staff, Coinbase has incorporated more features and programs for the growing needs of their clients. Verified users on its platform have increased from 43 million to 56 million. 

Coinbase Additional Features 

Besides employing 3,000 more support staff, Coinbase has been expanding its social media reach. It is also working on its security feature and is educating users on security measures to protect their accounts from ATOs (Account Take Overs). 

Also, the Armstrong-led exchange is developing its user experience and offering more site features. Sorensen said that Coinbase is implementing a 2-factor authentication feature for users that have high funds in the system as they might be vulnerable to hackers. 

Furthermore, the crypto exchange is educating clients on how to use their services and enjoy every feature. Indeed, the exchange is rapidly developing as it was recently licensed in Germany. 

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