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Facebook’s Zuckerberg has a Goat Named “Bitcoin”

The founder of social media giant Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, shocked crypto supporters after posting a picture of his two pet goats, with one of them named after the world’s most famous crypto-token Bitcoin.

Although it is hard to tell what Mark Zuckerberg meant with his Facebook post, crypto supporters suggest that this could mean that maybe he already holds the leading crypto asset or he has plans to invest in the crypto market.

In 2019, while talking to Rolling Stone, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey said that his most memorable meeting with Zuckerberg was when he served him goat for a meal. This tells about Mark’s affection for the four-legged animal.

Meanwhile, we hope that the Facebook’s top official has no plan to kill the goat named after the world’s most famous digital asset. Bitcoin is currently trading for $55,405. The crypto token has managed to regain this mark after a downward run it had been on after hitting a record high $60k in April.

Last month, Facebook made headlines after rumors suggested that the platform was planning to announce its investment in BTC; however, they were only short-lived as the company made no mention of the digital assets in its first quarterly report.

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