Fake Hardware Wallets Mailed to Ledger Data Breach Victims by Scammers

Victims of the Ledger data breach are reportedly facing phishing attempts from scammers. The phishing attempts come in the form of fake devices mailed to the victims from Ledger impersonators. The identities of over 270,000 victims of the breach were exposed online to scammers by the supposed hacker. 

A Reddit contributor with the name tag “u/jjrand” disclosed the ‘next level’ attempt of prowling scammers that desire to take advantage of the victims’ identity exposure. The contributor uploaded images of the supposed fake Ledger Nano X hardware wallet as well as a poorly documented letter that was made to appear issued by Pascal Gauthier the CEO of Ledger. 

A section of the letter read “for security purposes, we have sent you a new device you must switch to a new device to stay safe.” The letter mentioned the inclusion of a Manuel in the package that’d help in the navigation of the wallet. The manual urged the input of the recovery phrase to link the crypto wallet to the device. 

Ledger Breach Scam Alert

A cybersecurity researcher, Mike Grover, revealed that the hardware wallets have been tampered with. He indicated that what appears to be a flash drive was attached to the ledger probably to cause malware delivery. However, he can’t tell if it is a storage device but its poorly soldered outlook purports something dubious. 

Further images were shown highlighting suspicious implants of wires and drives. The common conclusion is that scammers intend to divert user details to devices within their control. 

Ledger previously warned users on the 10th of May to beware of the fake devices and letters. However, it is not certain if Ledger has reached out to users individually to keep them abreast of the situation. Reports state that the company is focused on restoring order to the platform instead of compensating users. 

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