A Fictional Cryptocurrency to be Featured in the Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 6, one of the major gaming franchises, is gearing to create more crypto awareness. The new feature comes in the form of a fictional crypto feature in the updated video game. The anticipated feature will be a major awareness tool for cryptocurrency in the mainstream media. 

The news of the proposed feature was revealed by gaming insider Tom Henderson on Twitter earlier in the week. According to him, the gaming franchise would incorporate rewards in Bitcoin after completing a mission. He added that the stock market feature would be integrated plus a broker for diverse virtual assets. 

Crypto in the video game won’t necessarily be the known “Bitcoin.” According to Henderson, the name would be a fictional crypto but would exist in the game. The cryptocurrency would be used by big-time contractors that intend to maintain anonymity.

The gaming insider Handerson has built a reputation for being able to accurately publicize potential gaming information. He had earlier made announcements on other franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty that turned outright.

Cryptocurrencies on the Mainstream Media 

The phenomenon of virtual currencies is consistently getting popularised in the mainstream. References to Bitcoin have been made in several programs including the FOX Family Guy. A hint of BTC’s volatility was also recorded on the animation program Spiderverse.

The popular animation of the Simpsons regularly makes references to the innovation. Interestingly, a full movie that propagated a deeper view of crypto has been filmed. The movie that depicted crypto being used as an instrument for money laundering became a blockbuster. 

However, the integration of fictional cryptocurrencies in a popular video game like Grand Theft Auto 6 spreads awareness faster. Diverse users will be able to apply the use cases of Bitcoin in gameplay, which would make them aware of the industry. 

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