Filecoin and Chia Loses Their Fans to Ethereum Swarm in China 

A great deal of buzz is building around the launch of the Ethereum-based Bee mainnet. The Swarm project is expected to kick-start on June 13. Filecoin and Chia blockchains appear to be losing their fans to the highly anticipated Swarm project. 

Swarm Foundation has published more details about the project in a blog post on the Ethereum Swarm website. The post explained that the project hinges on the ETH web3 stack, it functions as a content distribution platform. The Swarm native cryptocurrency, BZZ will have a million pieces of it airdropped. 

Several mining operators in China are building up the momentum to join the party and obtain its rewards. Swarm developers have announced that private buyers are not liable to pledge the token before the mainnet release. Over $6 was released in a private token sale earlier in February. 

Swarm Believers Converts Several Filecoin and Chia Fans

The heightening interest and circulation of information about Swarm are ongoing in Chinese social media. A reporter and a contributor to 8btc has affirmed that Wechat is a breeding ground for the new converts. Of course, the campaign runs on other social networks too as more Chia and Filecoin believers join the Swarm camp.

Due to the different mining solutions that Chia and Filecoin offer, the platforms have maintained popularity in China. The BZZ public offering will sell for $1.92 against the initial private token sale price at $0.25. Unfortunately, users in the US cannot participate in the BZZ public sale. The site hosting the sale regularly announces that the content isn’t available for locations within the US. 

All interested node operators in obtaining the airdrop from the Bee v0.6 launch are expected to upgrade their version. The upgrade won’t occur on the recent version as the new one is expected to offer light nodes, allow free bandwidth, and postage stamps.

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