Free Bitcoin for Vaccinated Aussies

An Australian tech CEO, Fred Schebesta, has expressed intention to offer AU$5 worth of Bitcoin as a reward to every Australian who has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, the global epidemic that has caught the world by surprise.

On a Sydney radio this week, Fred Schebesta, the CEO announced he was looking to contribute to the ongoing vaccination and has chosen to use this helpful method.

This means that every person who has received the two doses of the vaccine is eligible for the offer, as they can apply for the reward by downloading the application and registering by providing proof of vaccination. is a comparison site. It provides guides and information on a range of products, services, offering industrial analysis to Australia and the international world. It conducts surveys and more. Its most recent survey indicates that east Asian countries were leading the world in terms of crypto adoption. While another revealed the gender divide in crypto investment in Australia is narrowing.

However, it is expected that if every Australian applies for the Bitcoin reward, the self-made entrepreneur would be giving out AU$100 million (US$71.15) million, considering the 20million eligible Australians for the vaccine. On the contrary, he is happy to give out the figure as he said on the radio: “Get vaxed, baby, and get your Bitcoin, baby, as well!.”

In Australia, less than 30% of the population above age 16 has been vaccinated. Compared to the U.S, where 62% of its over 18 age population is vaccinated. The speed of vaccination had been extremely slow in the country. Distribution challenge plus poor communication between the central government and states and territories account for this. Another factor is vaccine hesitancy which Schebesta intends to address.

While the vaccine rollout is only slow in Australia, it is worrisome in underdeveloped countries.

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