General Motors Open To Accepting Bitcoin As Payment If Customers Express The Need

American Multinational General Motors CEO has issued a statement that nothing prevents the company from accepting payment in the form of BTC. In her statement to CNBC, she added that the company’s decision would be dictated by their customer’s interests and that their main priority is easing the buying and ownership process for its customers.

The company has been entertaining the idea since as far back as February this year. This interest in crypto was earlier witnessed by Tesla when they declared that they would accept payment in the form of bitcoin. Although Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk would later recant this deal citing environmental concerns, the company has always stayed open to the possibility of adopting a more eco-friendly Bitcoin should it emerge in the future.

The adoption of virtual currencies seems to be on an upward trajectory globally. Countries such as Norway and Denmark are almost going cashless, and there’s an increase in the number of youth investing in them. Although highly volatile, cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity due to their versatility and are now being used for charity and in the sports industry, among others.

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