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German Greens Feature Cryptocurrencies in Draft Manifesto

Germans are at the edge of a defining election this September. This is a unique election in more ways than one and the winner would be determined more by the younger generation.

The Rise of The German Greens

With the current political leaders in Germany lacking spark and zest, credible opposition appears to have fallen to the Greens. Although the Greens are yet to decide who their flag bearer would be, there are rising indications that Baerbock could be nominated. If she gets the party’s nod to be their presidential candidate, the Greens would perform better than what the opinion polls are saying currently.

Although they are pro-environment, should they win the chancellorship election in September, one is likely to see more rail tracks, increased demand for electric cars and renewable energy. Part of their draft manifesto  talks about cryptocurrencies. The manifesto states that the central bank should develop their own set of rules for digital currencies. Such digital currencies would be regulated by the European Union, they said. In their draft manifesto, they want virtual payments and those carrying out virtual payments and crypto transactions to be identifiable. Cybercrime, money laundering, tax evasion terrorist financing etc. would be dealt with by relevant government agencies.

The Greens And Cryptocurrencies

Since they are a green party and given their stance on the environment, Bitcoiners may be worried. However, German Greens are more of a center party. They are more concerned about how the energy is produced, not just how it is used. Miners in Europe and North America depend on renewable energy for 90% of their mining needs. So really, there is no need for Bitcoiners to be worried.

And with the rise in demand for Bitcoin mining, innovative energy production processes would be the driving force. And the German Greens are poised to ride this wave.

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