Graphic Designer Sells Valentine’s NFT for $20,000 on Zora

A renowned graphic designer that has collaborated with musicians like Black Midi, Nicolas Jaar, and Oneohtrix Point Never, has just sold a Valentine’s Day NFT for nearly $20,000 through Zora, an NFT marketplace.

David Rudnick, the graphic designer had minted an NFT, a digital image of a flower called “Stem” which had this subheading: “I’ve had this dream for a long time.” And in a tweet to celebrate his sale, Rubnik had said that “may we build these platforms to benefit all creators – we’ve had this dream for a long time.” The digital image was bought by an anonymous bidder for over 10 ETH tokens.

Generally, NFTs are collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. In this space, crypto assets like Bitcoin and Litecoin are fungible tokens, meaning that each coin can be interchanged with any other, as such, this makes NFTs to be unique assets that can be anything at all. 

You will recall that we reported that the sector has grown enormously in recent times especially due to its ability“to bring about personal attachment to portfolio owners not just from a pure interest but also a social perspective.” And generally, artists have been able to make a ton through the platform, with a recent example being Beeple who sold a collection of 20 NFTs for $3.5 million.

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