Grayscale Ethereum Trust Reopens Private Placement

Grayscale Ethereum Trust reopens private placement

TL; DR Breakdown

  • Grayscale would allow investors to have access to Ethereum Trust again.
  • CME Group would launch its Ethereum Futures by February.

Grayscale is not prepared to let off its tag as the most prominent crypto investment company anytime soon. The company has announced that it would be reopening its Ethereum Trust to investors. According to this announcement, investors would be able to access its private placement that it tends to open periodically for daily subscriptions.

This new development could be tied to the recent influx of institutional investors into the crypto space. Bitcoin witnessed such firms’ entrance last year, and they played a significant role in pushing the asset’s price to new highs.

Grayscale also recently announced opening four new trusts for Aave, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Monero in its attempt to diversify its investment holdings.

Some crypto community members believe this would also be the case of Ethereum as the coin would witness the influx of institutional investors, which would invariably help the asset’s value reach uncharted territories. Apart from this influx of institutional investors, the second-largest crypto asset has also witnessed the growth of ETH 2.0 that currently has over 4 million deposits of the Ethereum token on its deposit contract.

The potential of Ethereum remains limitless, especially with the expected merger of ETH 1.0 and ETH 2.0, which would lead to the unlocking of new features that would drive massive adoption of the crypto asset.

CME Group to launch ETH Futures soon

CME Group, the leading Bitcoin Futures Exchange, has also announced that its Ethereum Futures would be launched on February 8. The firm had announced its decision to open a futures exchange for the second largest crypto asset due to institutional investors’ increased demand for the coin.

An Ethereum Futures would allow investors to be exposed to Ethereum and also allow them to enjoy fantastic investment opportunities that the asset provides.


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