High School Students in Georgia to be Taught Cryptocurrencies

Georgia’s House of Representatives has approved a new financial literacy program that will be used to sponsor the teaching of crypto in High school students in the state. A bill has been passed by the legislative arm of government that calls on the state education officials to execute a study program based around financial literacy for high schoolers. One of the  subjects on that curriculum list is cryptocurrency.

The lower chamber of Georgia by a vote of 169-2 on March 8 passed the bill. The bill which was sponsored by six Republican members of the house, would be sent to the upper chamber for further discussion. 16 areas of financial literacy have been outlined in the program that is to be studied by students in the tenth or eleventh grade. The bill’s text states that

The State Board of Education shall prescribe a program of study in personal financial literacy to be completed by students during high school.

Apart from cryptocurrency, other financial concepts like balancing checkbooks, investing, money management, how to apply for a loan, and tax assessments were also listed on the curriculum.

This Georgia bill is not the first-time cryptocurrency had been included in a high school curriculum. As far back as 2019, the French education ministry implemented a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency module into its high school curriculum.

This module was designed to give students basic knowledge of cryptocurrency. It was geared towards pushing students to ask themselves if the leading crypto asset would become the currency of the future or if it could ever replace Euro.

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