Hong Kong News Site Issues NFT for Posterity Sake

Initium Media, a notable Chinese-language news site rooted in Hong Kong, has joined the NFT trend as it issues its first non fungible token collections which features news events of significant impact. 

The Initium Medium NFT collection called “The Erased” and issued on Wednesday, told the stories of migrant workers who got evicted from Beijing in 2017 due to the city’s evacuation campaign dubbed “low-end population.” Opensea marketplace listed the NFT collections and sold each out within a day for 0.3ETH, equivalent to $1,049.

While this is not the end, Initium Media revealed that it still has plans for another NFT which would be telling the story of popular whistleblower, Dr Li Wenliang, who warned the world of the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, where the pandemic started. Also, its upcoming NFTs will include the one that tells the story of the political storm affecting the Hong Kong media landscape.

Interestingly, many people have now started considering NFTs as a better alternative to preserve cultural history, especially as political wars loom over Hong Kong. Recall that in July, Taiwan-based NFT marketplace Lootex sold an NFT collection of Buddha’s Palm volume 1. 

Some Hong Kong activities also share the idea of using blockchain technology to preserve news content. Per this,  Susie Wu, executive editor of Initium, has noted that some historical moments wouldn’t be forgotten.

He suggested the use of NFT as a better way to preserve them. “One core thing about NFTs is its attribute of preserving content,” Wu said. “By telling stories of a news event in the form of NFT displays, we hope to remind readers that some things should not be easily forgotten.”

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