IBC Group pledges 100,000 BTC to Miami 2.0 Blockchain Strategy Foundation

IBC Group pledges 100,000 BTC to Miami 2.0 Blockchain Strategy Foundation

· The Dubai based group plans to give $4.8 Billion Worth of BTC to back Miami’s 2.0 Blockchain Strategy

· Miami’s Mayor is eager to make the city a top tech city that runs on cryptocurrency.

· IBC groups fully in support of Miami’s advancement in the Blockchain industry

It is no news that Miami City has had the desire to inject Bitcoin into its financial structure. Word on the street says that their plans are coming to fruition in the coming days. The Miami 2.0 Blockhain Strategy Foundation is set to be financed with 100,000 Bitcoins. This is currently worth about $4.8 billion. This deal will bolster the development of Miami’s blockchain development plan.

Shroff ardent on Miami 2.0

According to Trade Arabia, Khurram Shroff, the Chairman of the Dubai-based firm, is pushing ardently for this deal to come through. The pace of the development of Miami City’s blockchain Strategy has increased recently. It is envisioned that its blockchain platform would be likely to deal with cryptocurrency worth $200 billion per day before the end of 2021.

IBC groups pledge will be remembered as one of the largest deals that will boost the adoption of cryptocurrency by the financial world, which has been a long-standing vision. This pledge will substantially enable Miami’s Bitcoin integration into their economic ecosystem.

Miami’s push to being a top Tech-city

The Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, has also been known to support bitcoins’ integration into financial systems and investments. Suarez recently stated that plans were being put in place to legalize some of the city’s treasury’s investment into cryptocurrency. He also aired plans on making employee payments in Bitcoin. Mayor Suarez said that one of Miami’s goals is to attract the tech world to them. The plan has always been to be at the forefront of the tech world’s steady advancement.

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