ICPR is Launching new Tokens

ICP Reboot (ICPR) is excited to announce that it’ll be launching the distribution of new tokens. Following the unfortunate failure of the Dfinity “Genesis Event,” it has become necessary to start afresh to create a safer and more streamlined distribution process.

ICPR is a community driven protocol that sets out to achieve the goals that the Internet Protocol token initially sets out to achieve, it plans to launch a truly decentralized autonomous organization that would be community driven and  provide an enabling ground for holders to finally get the power back from the big tech companies.

The initial token distribution will start on October 4 with the initial goal of distributing ICPR tokens to the 375 early contributors and seed investors in Dfinity. This number represents all those we’ve been able to identify as participants forced into the unfair vesting period implemented by Dfinity.

Only the unwilling participants in the unexpected Dfinity vesting program are included in this new token distribution. Dfinity team members and insiders can’t benefit from the ICPR token allocation.

The initial distribution has been structured into three phases to ensure that all the inconsistencies and absence of transparency that characterized the Dfinity “Genesis Event” would be avoided.

The first phase will be from October 1 to the following month and focuses on claims and disputes. Unfortunately, due to the substandard and irresponsible requirements used for the Dfinity Genesis Event, it’s impossible to use Dfinity’s initial allocation without further discriminating against the primary investors and contributors during coin distribution.

Thus, seed investors and early contributors will need to check the ICPR Token distribution snapshot to confirm their allocation and claim or dispute it by contacting the team. This snapshot is based around the original ICP distribution and is designed to be a mimic of the original distribution. 

The second phase is the allocation phase. This will last between November 4 and December 20. All participants who have verified their allocation and claimed it will get their tokens simultaneously. The idea of using a simultaneous allocation is to ensure fair distribution to every ICPR token stakeholder.

The last phase is allocation to remaining participants.  This will happen on December 20 after all verified allocation has been distributed. Allocation will be made according to the ICPR Token distribution snapshot which states how many tokens belong to each participant.

This means that all participants who couldn’t claim or didn’t participate in the claim process will receive tokens based on what’s on the distribution snapshot.

The entire distribution process will last for three months. Thus, there’ll be enough time to process all claims, rectify the issues caused by the Dfinity Genesis event, and allocate ICPR tokens fairly to all participants.

In order to claim their tokens, participants need to send an email to the compliance team. In the email, they have to provide their digital signature to confirm ownership of the Ethereum address associated with the claim. 

They can do this by signing the message “I’m [NAME/EMAIL/HANDLE] and this is the proof of ownership for my ICPR allocation as of the [TODAY’S DATE].”

For those who no longer have access or control of their seed, they must contact the compliance team with reasonable proof of ownership. Participants can find further instructions here.


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