Infamous ‘Crypto Queen’ Ruja Ignatova Holds 230,000 BTC 

The infamous Ruja Ignatova also called the ‘crypto queen’ is a convicted fraudster, who came to the limelight for what is arguably considered one of the world’s biggest scams. She was the founder of OneCoin alongside her brother Konstantin Ignatov and Sebastian Greenwood.

OneCoin, which was promoted as a cryptocurrency, would later be categorized as a Ponzi scheme. OneCoin was advertised as being a strong enough currency that it would, over time, outdo all other cryptos in the market, placing it against major players in the crypto world such as the popular bitcoin. US prosecutors estimated that the scheme generated as much as $4 billion.

Ruja Ignatova was also involved in a Multi-Level Marketing scam called BigCoin. She had been found guilty of fraud in Germany and given a suspended sentence of 14 months imprisonment. Ruja disappeared in 2017 shortly after a warrant for her arrest was issued. Her location remains unknown to date. 

Emerging reports state that Ruja has over 230,000 Bitcoin in her possession, whose current market value is approximately $11 billion. The reports further claim that the BTC was acquired from an influential member of the Emirati family in Dubai in 2015.

 Lawsuits filed against the company OneCoin by previous investors-now victims have claimed that aside from the 230,000 bitcoin she made off with, the bank account in Dubai still has about $500 million.

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