InfoWars Founder Lost Laptop Containing 10,000 Bitcoins

Imagine losing a fortune without realizing it. This is exactly the story of Alex Jones, the InfoWars founder who was given 10,000 BTC by Max Keiser, the RT host, about 10 years ago. He stored them on his laptop, which sadly he lost. In an interview with Flagrant 2, Alex Jones said:

Max Keiser comes to me…10,000 Bitcoins for you. This is the future. It will be the new global currency (he’s on record)…I lost the laptop he put the 10,000 on. Today, what’s 10,000 Bitcoins worth? A lot.

With Bitcoin trading at around $56,000, the value of the Bitcoin he lost would be a staggering $560 million. Jones said that Keiser told him that Bitcoin was going to replace the dollar in future.

Max Keiser – who is one of the earliest Bitcoin proponents – confirmed in a tweet, that he actually gifted Jones 10,000 BTC. At that time, Bitcoin was worth just $5.

Not Only Alex Jones

As Bitcoin continues its bullish run, several persons had failed to hold their crypto fortune. James Howells, a British Engineer is frantically seeking approval from the authorities to comb through a landfill site after he threw his laptop away with Bitcoin worth $419 million on it.

In January this year, Ex Ripple CTO Stephan Thomas, was reported to have lost his crypto wallet password containing about $392 million worth of Bitcoin.

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