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Instagram Poet Sells NFT Poem for $75,000

We have seen a great surge in the adoption of non-fungible token in Arts, Sports, Music including Fashion. Although NFT sales appear to have nosedived lately, poets are already carving out space for themselves in the marketplace. An NFT poem was recently sold for $75,000 on Nifty Gateway.

NFT Poem Sold for $75,000 on Nifty Gateway

Recently, an Instagram poet Arch Hades sold a poem for $75,000 on Nifty Gateway. NFTs are the craze this year with many artists releasing their artworks on several market places. The online auction of the NFT poem artwork lasted for just 45 minutes and featured works from Arch, Rac and Andre Reisinger.

Arch is an award-winning poet and is popular for her regular poems on Instagram. The postcard reads “You sing a song that only I can hear/ And you, the only one, who hears mine.”

Each NFT poem card contains a handwritten poem by Arch and a one-minute song by the Grammy award-winning artist, Rac. It also contains a design by the popular graphic designer, Andres Reisinger. About 75 copies were sold out in total.

Arch’s Poem Becomes the First to Be Sold as NFT

Rac revealed that this is the first time in his career that he feels truly independent. So far in the history of arts, this is the first popular poem to be auctioned off as a non-fungible token.  The space could expose poets to the booming crypto world while also creating a novel way of making money.

The NFT market has also made its way to other parts of the world. The most recent sales came from a Nigerian digital artist, Jacon Osinachi. He sold $75,000 worth of virtual art as a non-fungible token.

The 29-year old revealed that he publishes his works on websites where buyers bid in Ether. Thus, making Osinachi one of the early artists to participate in the booming NFT trend. His works have also been curated and exhibited by Kate Vass Galerie in Switzerland.

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