IOHK Goes on a Hiring Spree Ahead of Alonzo Rollout

Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK) has recently posted new job openings for the role of blockchain developers, architects, product designers, data engineers, and a lot more.

IOHK is behind one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world Cardano (ADA). It recently declared its desire to accept professional workers to support the upcoming Alonzo upgrade. It is expected that the Alonzo upgrade will add the smart contract functionality to the Cardano network.

Tim Harrison, the marketing and communications director acknowledged that smart contracts are gaining more attention in recent times. The spike in interest and the usefulness of smart contracts in the blockchain ecosystem has called for an Alonzo upgrade.

The upgrade is expected to be launched in the coming months. As such, many hands are needed to make this project a success. The Cardano team has always been dedicated to improvements and has always welcomed blockchain innovations and upgrade.

Positions to be filled

The role of a solution architect requires that the professional spearheads the assessment of the latest technologies, blockchain research, and internal products.

The role of designing and implementing smart contracts requires the individual(s) to be creative and have the ability to solve complex problems.

The role of a strategy consultant calls for the ability of the consultant to analyze trends in the blockchain ecosystem and set up frameworks suitable for the blockchain project.

Other roles that will need to be filled include that of a data strategist, technical consultant, quantitative analyst, and data engineer.

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